Congenital Insensitivity to Pain: I feel……….Nothing?

Congenital disorders involves a defect or defects to a growing fetus, most of the time due to a number of abnormalities, an error in the development of the organisms shape and sometimes even the uterine environment.

Someone who has Congenital Insensitivity to Pain has never physically felt pain and would most likely never in his or her lifetime.

Sounds like heaven right?…….well

When you’re in pain, have an infection/disease, or if you’re just not feeling like yourself, you go to the doctor and as standard procedures go, the doctor asks if there’s any pain anywhere. While you might say, “yeah, it’s in the left part of my abdomen” (which may be the cause for the successful diagnosis), someone with CIP would most likely reply “No, i feel fine” because they actually do feel fine.

Let’s say the disease was Chron’s disease, you may have gotten treatment way earlier than that of someone who has CIP. Before they get diagnosed and assume treatment, the disease may have spread so much, that care to the affected areas might possibly be rendered useless.

(Thank God it’s a super rare disease!)

However, some of us know how much this disease would have definitely come in handy during “Discipline Day” which conveniently takes place in my house from January 2nd through December 30th, yearly.

………..We kind of like to have a happy new year.

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